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Learning a new skill - Jewellery Making with Angela Smith Jewellery

Gnosall, Staffordshire.

Yesterday afternoon I held my first Jewellery Making Workshop of 2023!

Setting up, I realised just how many beads I have and did wonder if I was confusing the issue by offering so much choice, but I came away thinking you can never have too many beads.

I had four ladies booked onto this class but unfortunately one had to pull out thanks to Covid - so down to three, hey ho! It would have been nice to see six to eight people attending but it definitely was not a problem for the three who joined me yesterday as it meant I was able to give a lot more time to each individually.

I started the session by giving a detailed demonstration on making basic earrings, and floating necklaces, including attaching clasps. I also talked about how to string beads and make bead bracelets with clasps. Then after answering a few questions it was time to hand over to my students.

It was their chance to take a look at the bead selections and make their choices.






I always encourage playing around with beads on their planning boards and mats to see what colour combinations and beads work well together.

It is also important to stress that there is no right and wrong combinations and to feel free to choose beads and colours they would personally be happy to wear.

Beads chosen and planning completed time to start making!

I love watching this process take place as confidence grows along with an understanding of how to use the tools and materials.

And that magic silence when they get to that place of total concentration!

Throughout the planning and making process I was on hand to give help and offer a few suggestions if needed or asked for!

These were the items of jewellery made yesterday -

Christine modelling her red rose and green leaf necklace and matching bracelet

Blue and gold bead necklace and articulated glass pearl earrings.

orange and pink glass bead necklace with matching earrings

Three ladies, with no previous bead jewellery making experience

Three totally different styles.

All fabulous!

It was so good to get back to teaching,

If you would information about any future workshops please visit my website or message me.


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