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How long is a string of pearls?

How long is a string of pearls - or any bead necklace for that matter?

The simple answer is as long as you want it to be!

Whatever length you choose, though, that necklace length has a name.

A photographic guide to popular necklace lengths using strings of bronze coloured glass beads
A guide to necklace lengths

The photo above is my interpretation of the most popular lengths of necklaces.

I have made these sample pearl strings with bronze coloured crystal glass pearls and tiny glass beads.

Below follows a brief description of all named necklace lengths.

"Collar" - The shortest necklace length and not included in the photo above it measures 12 - 14 inches and is designed to be worn tight and high around the neck. Ideally this short necklace should be worn with any clothing that shows the neck such as a v- neck, off the shoulder or strapless, it could conceivably also be worn high above a collared item or turtle neck crew neck clothing too.

"Choker" - these short length necklaces measure 14 - 16 inches and are designed to sit at the base of your neck they can be worn with almost any item of clothing. Although most would struggle to wear it over clothing for example on top of a turtle neck jumper!

"Princess" measures 17 - 20 inches and is possibly the most popular length of necklace. It hangs just below the collar bone and can be worn with almost any neckline. It's short length means it can happily sit under a open necked blouse and still be seen or over a high necked top and not feel too tight. It is also not too long to hang in the way while working so less chance of getting caught on door and drawer handles or on upright vacuum cleaners.

"Matinee" measures 20 - 24 inches this is a popular length of necklace, working especially well for layering with other necklaces of varying lengths. It is best worn over a solid block of colour, a string of matinee white coloured pearls looks lovely over a " little black dress" for example. Another benefit of this length necklace is the longer length could just about slip over head if you find clasps difficult to deal with.

"Opera" is along length necklace measuring 24 - 36 inches hanging just below the bust and also long enough to wrap around neck twice or even tied if you wish. a lovely addition to your evening wear outfit.

"Rope" or "Laret" not included in photo above is any necklace longer than 36 inches it can be wrapped around neck at least twice and also looks fabulous knotted.

Whatever length you choose and whether it is a string of pearls or beads. a necklace always make a fabulous addition to any outfit, for any occasion daytime or evening.

Glass pearl necklaces in various lengths, ideal for layering or wearing as a single strand.
strings of glass pearls

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