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This rainbow is a winner!

Have you come across any good challenges on Social Media recently? Do you take part in any and if so why? I do and for a variety of reasons

firstly I enjoy them. I also find they can help provide a bit of focus to your daily posts on Instagram, especially the monthly challenges. This month I am taking part in #marchmeetthemaker on Instagram which is a popular challenge with creatives. Challenges also help you think about what you do and how you can do things better or differently.

I am a member of a beading group on Facebook run by Beads Direct. Every week they set a challenge and invite you to make something to fit a theme. Recently they changed the rules to this challenge so the piece you share had to be made for that challenge and you are given five days to make your piece. I, personally, really like the new rules as it gives me a chance to make pieces I wouldn’t have otherwise made, but have had in the back of my mind somewhere to make at some point - Last weeks challenge was “rainbow“ and if you have visited my shop you will have seen quite a few rainbow inspired pieces some knitted or crocheted including a tiara, a brooch and a pendant. If the rules of the challenge hadn’t changed I could have just submitted a photograph of one of those pieces but instead it gave me the opportunity to make something new and very different for me and I decided to try to crochet a rainbow suncatcher with wire and glass beads. I don’t follow patterns so I made it up as I went, which also means I won’t be able to make another identical to this.

This is what I made - I am very happy with it - so much so that it is now hanging in my hall window!

crocheted rainbow suncatcher

And I am delighted to say it was the winning design.


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