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Making Playing Card Earrings

You know those small packs of playing cards you get in Christmas crackers, the ones that are too small to play with....


A selection of playing cards laid out on a cutting mat, ready to start making some earrings
Christmas cracker playing cards

Let me show you how to make earrings with them instead!

As you can see in the above photo, I have selected a few cards and laid them out on a cutting mat. I also have a ruler and scalpel for cutting.

As I only have the one pack I am cutting each card in half and that will be my pair of earrings.

I have decided to cut my cards in half vertically.

you might want to cut yours diagonally, horizontally, wavy or some other way, to some extent it will depend on the card design.

At this point you may choose to coat the playing card with a sealant, depending on the quality of the card. You may also decide to back your card, I have chosen not to do either with these cards as they are reasonably thick, so should hold their shape.

Once your card is cut, make a small hole near top of the playing card, I do this with a sewing needle

make a small hole at top of playing card with a sewing needle
making a hole at top of card

This hole has to be big enough to slip in a jump ring

Slip a jump ring into the hole at the top of your playing card
add a jump ring

Close the jump ring tightly and add your ear hook.

I have linked the ear hook to the jump ring with a smaller oval jump ring so that the earrings hang with the card picture facing forward.

use a small oval jump ring to attach ear hook
Add ear hooks

And just like that you have a pair of playing card earrings

A completed pair of playing card earrings
Seven of diamonds Playing card earrings

Once you have mastered making these simple playing card earrings you might want to experiment with other designs

Here are a few alternative ideas

Attach an eye pin to the jump ring at the top of playing card
Attach an eye pin to the jump ring

Try adding an eye pin to the jump ring at the top of the playing card and then thread some beads on for added interest before attaching the ear hook.

Jack of club playing card earrings with black beads
Jack of club earrings

Or maybe sew some beads onto the playing card, this works well when there is a lot of blank space on the card such as the aces and low numbers

Ace of diamond earrings with tiny red glass beads sewn onto card
Ace of diamond earrings

Why stop at earrings?

how about key rings?

Beaded book marks?

Even a pendant ?

These earrings and others will be going out to craft fairs and markets with me and hopefully I will have another pack of cards in a cracker this next Christmas to make even more!


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