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What is a knitted tiara?

The concept of a knitted tiara may be new to you, but I have been knitting tiaras for almost fifteen years so not such a new idea for me!

I started knitting them at a time when all my beads were in a workshop some seven miles from my home and so in the evenings I would get my knitting needles out to knit woollen wonders for my family, during one of these knitting sessions my mind started wandering back to my beads and wire in my workshop and I asked myself the question "What if?"

The next day I returned home from my workshop with a reel of silver plate wire and a bag of small rocaille beads. That evening I knitted a triangle. I saw that it had the makings of a crown so I then continued the next day and created a crown.

If I can knit a crown I can knit a tiara !

This was the beginning of a new journey, experimenting with wires and needles, every new knitted crown or tiara was a step towards where I am now.

My first knitted tiaras were fairly simple makes based on that first triangle often embellished by a few glass crystal or pearl beads - These tiaras are very popular with brides or for bridesmaids, I have also made these for Prom wear and although I currently don't have any tiaras like this in my shop I am happy to make similar to these to order - please contact me to discuss any commission

My designs have evolved over the years to include crocheted pieces too and my recent makes are available to by from my shop.

Julianna Is a knitted wire and glass crystal bead tiara with a crocheted central feature decorated with a beautiful glass pearl bead

Alyssa is a knitted wire and glass bead bandeau style tiara decorated with three black and diamante feature beads salvaged from an unwanted piece of costume jewellery.

This Flower Garden tiara has been knitted with wire and then flowers have been bead embroidered onto the wire.

This rainbow tiara has been crocheted with wire and glass beads

My tiaras are all totally unique and would make lovely additions to a brides outfit. They would also be great as prom or ball wear.

Although these are the only knitted and crocheted tiaras I currently have listed in my shop, I am happy to make other designs in any colour - please contact me


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