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When one will do!

Do you wear odd earrings?

Do you just have one ear piercing or an odd number of piercings?

I do

A year after I first had my ears pierced I lost one of my favourite dangly earrings! I really liked those earrings and wasn't ready to say goodbye to them so I decided to get an extra hole piercing in one of my ear lobes so I could still wear the remaining earring and then wear a pair of stud earrings with it - I wasn't making jewellery at this time so I couldn't just make a replacement earring! To this day I am still happy to wear just one dangly and a pair of studs.

In my latest earring making session I decided to use up a large number of my crystal drops and realised I had several single ones left over which I could have used to make a few pendants but I decided some of the drops would get lost as pendant charms and I have enough pendants made at the moment so in a moment of inspiration I thought why not just make a few single earrings. No harm in trying as there may well be people out there who are in need of just one earring.

If they don't sell I can always make them into pendants another day!

So these are the six I made which are now all listed and available to buy from my shop

See how they sparkle!


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