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A new take on an old design

Today saw me revisit one of my old designs and adapt it.

When I say old, I mean over ten years old - it is one I used to knit fairly regularly and I still have a pair in my own personal collection, which I first wore to the very first sbs event back in 2012.

You can see photos of me wearing these in my blog post written a couple of days after the event. They are a very simple design, just a knitted square, folded. but still very effective.

I had always envisaged hanging beads down through the centre of these and I might still use this original design again in the future and add those hanging beads, but today I chose to shorten the design a bit and raise the front edge slightly too, to show off some beautiful cultured pearls.

I was imagining a bride wearing these, but of course that doesn't have to be the case, you can find more details about these earrings here

Inevitably while I was knitting these, a flood of alternative designs came rushing into my head, so maybe I will be adding a few more of those to my shop in the future too, hopefully it won't take me ten years this time.


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