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Using charm beads for earrings

This weekend I made an attempt to clear some of my work room, this involved reorganising my boxes of beads to make room for other beads that were still in bags. not having made their way off my floor. that tells you something about the state of my work room!.

Once I had ran out of space in my boxes I was still left with a handful of bags of beads. some are just too big to place in small compartments in boxes and others were too small that if I just placed in a drawer I knew I probably wouldn't find again including a mixed bag of charm beads.

What do I mean by charm beads?

These are large round beads with a large silver lined hole, they are designed to be strung on thick cord or chain to create bracelets or necklaces.

I decided that perhaps I could make earrings with them instead so I had a play.

As the central hole is quite large in these beads I needed round beads which were at least 5mm to sit in the hole each end to prevent the charm bead from moving around on the head pins, which wouldn't be a good look for an earring!

After finding suitable round beads to go with the charm beads I then needed to decide on whether to stay short or go long. I settled on long.

All these earrings have now been made, photographed and added to my website.

You can find these turquoise charm beads on my website here

you can find these pink charm bead earrings here

You can find these striking orange and black charm bead earrings here

And You can find these golden yellow charm bead earrings here


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