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A Fresh Green Look For Spring

This week I added a couple of new freshwater pearl necklaces to my website.

Both necklaces feature stunning olive green freshwater pearls along with a mix of other beads. The green button pearls have a hole near the top of the beads so they drop down slightly from the necklace string which makes them even more of a feature.

Although I have used the same beads in both necklace designs the two necklaces look very different to each other.

Olive and champagne pearl necklace

This stunning string of beads includes the green freshwater pearls along with added champagne coloured freshwater pearls, white glass pearls, olive green crystal glass beads which give the sparkle to the design and small pale green glass beads. The necklace has a sterling silver clasp - you can find this necklace here

Olivine and peridot necklace

This elegant and unique necklace has so much sparkle which has been created by the rings of green crystal beads sewn around white glass pearls. These glass crystal clusters are separated with even more glass crystals and pearls along with the olive green freshwater pearls. This necklace has a sterling silver clasp - you can find this necklace here

I know the choice between the two is a hard one to make but I am sure both of these necklaces will find their forever home soon - Neither of these two designs will be repeated as they both deserve to be totally unique one off pieces

Maybe though another green pearl necklace or two will make an appearance on my website at some point.


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